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Posts from ‘July, 2009’

FeedBurner's FeedSmith plugin - the correct URL

I've been setting up quite a few WordPress-based sites in the past couple of weeks, and each time I install the FeedSmith plugin as a matter of course. This simple (yet brilliant) plugin was originally written by Steve Smith, and he eventually donated the plugin to FeedBurner and they adopted it as their official plugin. […]

My thoughts on BBC Click's mobile mast debate

Having read the Click article about the French being up in arms over mobile phone masts being placed in inappropriate places (for example, in the middle of a cluster of schools), I felt compelled to respond to the article. (Particularly after the FUD inspired by last year's Panorama programme which conflated WiFi with GSM radiation!) […]

Hello again world!

I thought it was best that I give my first (and most important) web site a revamp. As such, welcome to the new This site has been in existence in some shape or form since 1999 (!), and as it had been languishing in its previous form for several years it was the perfect […]