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Posts from ‘November, 2010’

Noted in passing...

Amongst many other channels I idle in #twitter. This compact expression of anguish from earlier amused me: [07:06.55] * `Assassin ( has joined #twitter [07:07.12] <`Assassin> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE TWITTER GO AWAY [07:07.22] <`Assassin> It keeps following me all over the internet. [07:07.39] <`Assassin> I can't browse without it hassling me to follow it. […]

Good news everyone! (or, how to whip stitch)

After almost ripping a velcro pad off one of my new gloves, I decided to fix them. But oh no, to do that I must sew! (and of course men are almost universally bad at this, unless they're tailors or actually paid attention in Home Ec. Neither applies to me.) However, YouTube awaits! The last […]