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August, 2011:

Experimenting with some ads...

For the longest time I've run no ads on this site, however I'm trialling a combination of a few plugins to selectively run ads on the site at certain times of the day. If you notice any jankiness, please let me know via the contact form or message me on Twitter @christopherw 🙂

Tiplet: one-click Lock Screen for OS X

It must be in the name... Chris Cook devised an excellent little (Automator-based) scriptlet, self-contained as an .app Obviously (obviously, natch) if you hit Command-Option-Q for Quick User Switch - which is one HELL of a difficult keyboard combo if you can't get your thumb to do the double keypress - plus it will close all open apps and processes and physically end your login session.

Chris Cook's Lock Screen app works great - and still works with 10.5.8 on the MBP1,1 I use at work. Give it a try if you dislike leaving your Mac unlocked whilst you go do other srs bsns.

(I'm also aware that there's umpteen other ways to both lock a workstation and accomplish Fast User Switching without mousing to the option; look here (StackExchange), here (MacWorld) and here (MacWorld again) for starters.

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