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September, 2011:

A note to other Christophers -- this email address is MINE!

For the past few years, I've sporadically received email destined for other Christopher Woods around the globe. I have the GMail address (which incorporates all variants like In fact, any permutation with any number of full stops in the name; see this article for why that works and can be quite useful). If you don't want your important email correspondence to disappear into the black hole of somebody else's inbox, make sure you have your recipient's email address spelt correctly!

Examples of what I've received in the past twelve months:

  • Criminal Records Checks for slightly dubious looking individuals
  • Correspondence for University Campus groups
  • Australian pre-pay mobile telephone account details (including personal details and telephone numbers)
  • Canadian mobile telephone account details (including personal information and telephone numbers)
  • Birthday greetings, sadly not on the correct day
  • Microsoft XBox Live activation emails
  • Microsoft Windows Live activation emails (immediately cancelled)
  • Pictage emails for someone's wedding
  • Science Center of Iowa mailshots
  • Someone's Foursquare account emails
  • Tuxedo hire information
  • Various invoices for purchases, including some antique furniture
  • Pharmaceutical company meeting detail emails

... Plus loads of things like home addresses, relatives' names,  telephone numbers etc. I email back to the people where I can to advise them of incorrect details, but I can't believe so many people can make such a fundamental mistake as to get their own email address wrong if that is not one of the reasons to hire a divorce lawyer! Anyway...

Monday rant over...

Bought an LG BH10LS30 10x Blu-Ray rewriter - now, what about blank media? (Part 1)

After shopping around (and having the Lite-On, LG, Samsung and Having recently purchased an LG BH10LS30.AUAR internal SATA 10x BD-RE drive, I decided to go shopping for some writeable media. I was almost preparing to buy some bargain basement BD-Rs before reconsidering (and reading some less than glowing reviews of data become progressively corrupted after just one year, slow and variable burn times, many burns ending in coasters) -- it reminded me of those halcyon days of 4x external USB CD rewriters! I couldn't justify the cost of very pricey Verbatim media, at least not without any peer reviews, so I went for the middle ground.

Anyway, given that TDK have produced their own BD-R media for a while now, I decided to plump down a few units of my local currency and purchase a ten-cake of some TDK 4x 25 GB BD-Rs (part number t78088, I paid £16.15 on the 7th of September and they're currently at £16.84). I'll shortly be doing a test burn with some mixed media and will duly report back with qualitative burn analysis, some general read/write speed observations and any other findings as to the quality of the discs themselves.

UK blank media e/retailers: if you'd like to send me test media for review please get in touch, I'm considering making a miniseries of this due to the absence of decent like-for-like comparisons of currently available blank BD media.