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February, 2019:

MaxMind GeoLite v1 databases discontinued - install GeoLite2

I noticed recently that a few web sites are miscategorising my ISP's static IP as being in the wrong country. I knew it was a recent reallocation of a new block and suspected the web sites were using a stale version of a GeoIP database - probably MaxMind's GeoLite v1 offering.

However, as I also run a few servers which themselves use the GeoIP tool (with

) I wondered about how to update to the latest version. Sure enough, with the old v2 of geoipupdate I was using, the databases were definitely not available (and HTTP error codes were being returned when I tried to run an update).

When I started Googling in more detail, I discovered MaxMind has fully discontinued and removed the GeoLite databases. Yowzer.

But no matter! GeoLite2 is now available from the MaxMind Developers site - I

installed the RPM, as yum was requesting to also uninstall ProFTPd, which I wasn't impressed by). Backed up the old binary and config just in case, but it was unnecessary. Verified the install afterwards with
geoipupdate -V
, then ran it with
geoipupdate -v
-- all good.
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