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May 4th, 2019:

Frameserving from Premiere Pro CC 2019 to FFmpeg - yes we can!

A while ago while working on batches of video edits, I came to the realisation that frameserving is simply the best, most flexible way to encode. But time marches on, and so did my software - eventually I came to a new machine, new Premiere Pro and - catastrophe - no apparent support for frameserving.

November 2019: Vouk's excellent Voukoder plugin for After Effects and Premiere is being actively developed - with FFmpeg/libav filters now included to let you do things like bwdif. Snazzy! However more complicated workflows may still requires frameserving, so it's a worthwhile skill to have.

Cleverer people than me have solved the CC2019 conundrum - for those of you editing in Premiere it's once again fairly easy to frameserve encode. However, it did take a bit of sleuthing to figure out a few things; this tutorial should help you to avoid the same problems I encountered.

Spoiler: it's a little work, not too much though, and the results are great
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