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Posts on ‘January 8th, 2010’

Cleaning suede or nubuck shoes - what I've learnt

How a boxfresh Ronin should look... [December 2010 - it's snowy out there! Suede and nubuck HATES snow, and rock salt to boot (natch). So, protect your shoes BEFORE you destroy them! Get some suede or nubuck protector spray, I mention some later in the article, and give your shoes a good treating before you […]

Tiplet: Force Ejecting stuck DVDs from Macs

Once again, the MBP I (have to) use at work encountered a problem: OSX refused to eject a perfectly good audio CD from an external Lite-On DVD burner. I tried the usual things - dragging the disc icon to the Trash, right-clicking and choosing Eject... Nothing worked. Fortunately, the MacRumors Guides site had a page […]