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Katsura Sunshine at The Forge, London

The most excellent Rakugo storyteller Katsura Sunshine recently assumed his Artist in Residence position at The Forge in London - I was lucky enough to enjoy and document his performance. If you get a chance to see one of his shows whilst you're in London, do not pass up the opportunity, they're great fun and perfect for the whole family.

Katsura Sunshine at The Forge, 23 April 2016

The Forge also celebrated its seventh year of operation in April this year! Belated congratulations to them πŸ™‚ If you go to the Forge for a visit, try the Camden Brewery beers. Dangerously delicious.

LADYBABY at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015 interview and photos

Late last year I was able to interview the "singing, dancing, DESTROYING" kawaiicore group from Japan called LADYBABY. If you're new to J-Pop, they're quite something. If you're used to J-pop, they're still quite something. Infectious fun, ridiculously cute outfits and ludicrously catchy songs.

Check it out on TokyoGirlsUpdate. If you're a LADYBABY fan, join the Fan Club on Facebook.

And check out my galleries from HYPER JAPAN 2015 on Flickr:

Updating jwhois on CentOS to solve v6nic errors

I use fail2ban on some of my servers, along with the "jwhois" application (to automatically return whois info in the automated fail2ban emails I receive).

I noticed that was coming back in my emails as follows:

 [Querying whois.v6nic.net]
 [Unable to connect to remote host]
 missing whois program

This is because v6nic.net is defunct and has been taken over by a cybersquatter (discussion about this on the Red Hat Bugzilla). The whois server whois.apnic.net works adequately in its place.

The version of jwhois available from the epel repo for el6 (CentOS 6) is out of date:

jwhois.x86_64 4.0-19.el6 @base

rpmfind lists 4.0-43 for Fedora Core 24 as the latest version, but this isn't compatible (loads of dependency issues if you try and manually install).

So, let's fix it manually.

jwhois derives its list of whois servers from /etc/jwhois.conf (by default). Let's do a search/replace all with nano.

Assuming nano is installed (sudo yum install nano -y) do the following:
Press Ctrl \
Type in whois.v6nic.net and press Enter
Type in whois.apnic.net and press Enter
Press A to replace all found instances
Type Ctrl X to exit, then Y to save the changed file.

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I've had really crummy quality audio clips from Wayne's World as my phone notification sounds for years -- thought it was time I make my own better ones from my DVD, and publish them online for other people who also want their phone to go "schwing!" for every Whatsapp. πŸ˜‰

Here's four clips I particularly enjoy.

Replacing a FiiO E7 battery - simple! (Photos)

I've had a FiiO E7 headphone amp for a few years and it's recently gained a new lease of life -- as an audio interface for my LG G3! Sadly, the has G3 shockingly bad audio quality from its onboard 3.5 mm output - riddled with noise, fuzz/hiss and audible aliasing and distortion. This is likely due to poor design from LG in an effort to power save, combined with a latent bug in Android relating to how it scales audio samples, the latter sounding like it's aliasing audio in a certain range of gain due to it internally resampling or something stupid like that. My old Galaxy S3 LTE running Cyanogenmod 10 (4.2.2) sounded amazing, I wish it hadn't died!

ANYWAY! Recent builds of Android (I'm running 5.1) include a provision for audio-via-USB, enabled by default on most devices, so hooking up a micro-to-mini USB cable between the phone and the E7 gives you blissfully great audio quality.

So, I dug mine out of a cupboard - with a flat battery, of course - and charged it up. Soon after, the battery got fat and decided to push the front of the screen out... Ok, time to replace the battery! (more…)