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"Tesco" Facebook scam returns, as Timeline Removal Plugin

File under '...really, Amazon?!' In another example of Amazon's AWS abuse detection failing spectacularly, likely the same culprits behind last week's Tesco Voucher Giveaway scam have targeted Facebook users again -- this time with a "Timeline Removal Plugin" scam. The scam seems to function thusly: victim clicks the link from a previous victim's event, creates a Facebook event with the same […]

If you knew your site had been hacked, would you do anything about it?

Earlier this week a PayPal phishing email dropped into one of my work inboxes. I usually delete them instantly, but I checked out the compromised URL -- and surprise surprise, it was a UK domain. "OK," I thought, "I can do something about this." Little did I know that the problem - a hacked subdomain hosting PHP redirector files to […]

Chinese domain name prospecting scam - it's back

A couple of years ago, Jeff Ventura blogged about a fairly cunning domain name scam originating from China, whereby owners of domain names would be contacted by a 'registrar' indicating that another company was trying to register domain names with Asian TLDs that matched their existing domain name. This died down for a while, but it's back again (and it doesn't seem […]