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Quirky / curious email of the week: Anonymous - "Operation Jubilee"

This dropped into my inbox early this morning, a lovely abuse of the email spec and some poor person's mailserver (more fool them for not securing it properly)... To: me From: Anonymous@OperationJubilee.in Subject: Anonymous Operation Jubilee - 5 November 2012 Dear Anonymous, Rally Millions To Parliament, London 5 November 2012 Cancel All Debt Stop War Redistribute the Land Eliminate Poverty Please, […]

RIP Microsoft logo, 1987-2012

So Microsoft have officially unveiled their new company-wide corporate brand... And it's truly terrible.

We'll miss ya, kid.First impressions were that it looks like someone just opened Word 2010, typed the name in, added four squares and hit Save. Hideous! Even on repeat viewings, it's just abysmal.

I could just about tolerate MS turning all their web properties Metro to match the imminently-launched Windows 8... Not like I'll be using W8. But their classic, instantly and universally recognisable main logo? Eurgh. The clowns responsible for this better be preparing for the tons of scorn about to be ladled upon them.

For some history, here's the evolution of their logo...

I thought 64-bit OSes were supposed to solve this...?

This machine has 4 gigabytes of addressable RAM, is running a 64-bit OS and native x64 code. However, it also wants to behave like it's a 32-bit OS. Anybody know why? (no bonus points for suggesting I don't use IE9, this was an unfortunate necessity at the time)

Is Skrillex Dubstep? I say no (in an open letter)

... In which Christopher, after being shown a video making the case for the current brand of dubstep, and why using the term "real" music is stupid (by composing a poorly considered cat-based analogy), adds his 2p to the ongoing debargument around the evolution of genre-defined music, where one genre ends and another begins... And why Skrillex is rubbish.

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