Quirky / curious email of the week: Anonymous - "Operation Jubilee"

This dropped into my inbox early this morning, a lovely abuse of the email spec and some poor person's mailserver (more fool them for not securing it properly)...

To: me
From: Anonymous@OperationJubilee.in
 Subject: Anonymous Operation Jubilee - 5 November 2012

 Dear Anonymous,

 Rally Millions To
 Parliament, London
 5 November 2012

 Cancel All Debt
 Stop War
 Redistribute the Land
 Eliminate Poverty

 Please, spread this message to everyone you know.

This message was, quite cleverly, entirely included in the email subject field, newlines and all. Thunderbird enjoyed parsing it.

So, November the 5th, Parliament Square? See you there.

6 thoughts on “Quirky / curious email of the week: Anonymous - "Operation Jubilee"”

  1. I received a very long email from the same sender but as is the case with these chicken shits my reply came back with a "cannot delivery" error message. I have no idea why I received it; I'm certainly not in the UK.

    1. I keep getting various versions of them (including the "rules of engagement") -- looks like they're being sent to random lists of email addresses scraped from the web using a botnet of compromised machines, vulnerable web-to-email scripts and pwned boxes. Good times.

  2. I'm sure you are right although I think that is no way to find adherents to their philosophy. They certainly don't get my vote

  3. Got spammed by Anonymous@OperationJubilee with text designed to interest me in a free PDF: "The Way Home or face the Fire"
    The email address they sent to can probably only have been got by hacking NissanClub.com to get forum user emails.

    1. Sorry - I mistyped. Email was from "AnonymousHacker@OperationJubilee" and it appeared to come from (web4.dvol.com) (

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