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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

Stupid Email Disclaimers #1: Scottish Widows

In the spirit of Jeff Goldmark's Stupid Email Disclaimers, I thought I'd independently continue the series whenever I stumble upon a corporate email disclaimer largely composed of bullshit. The reasons for why corporate email disclaimers are usually worth less than the electrons they're sent with is explained on Jeff's web site... To get us started, […]

Photos: inside a Virgin Media cable street cabinet

Once upon a time (way back in 2007!), I was walking home and noticed the door on my road's Telewest distbox was hanging open (the lock had been forced). Having always wondered what was in one of those unassuming grey (or green) street cabs, I decided to have a quick look... And take some pictures. […]

Tiplet: Recovering a 'ghost' domain in DirectAdmin

I added a domain name to an account on one of my DirectAdmin-managed servers yesterday, and when I came to tweak some of its settings a few hours later it had mysteriously disappeared from the domains list in the control panel! (I think this was due to a dirty restart of the core DirectAdmin program, […]

Cleaning suede or nubuck shoes - what I've learnt

How a boxfresh Ronin should look... [December 2010 - it's snowy out there! Suede and nubuck HATES snow, and rock salt to boot (natch). So, protect your shoes BEFORE you destroy them! Get some suede or nubuck protector spray, I mention some later in the article, and give your shoes a good treating before you […]

Tiplet: Force Ejecting stuck DVDs from Macs

Once again, the MBP I (have to) use at work encountered a problem: OSX refused to eject a perfectly good audio CD from an external Lite-On DVD burner. I tried the usual things - dragging the disc icon to the Trash, right-clicking and choosing Eject... Nothing worked. Fortunately, the MacRumors Guides site had a page […]