Where to find 'My Streams' on the Reciva Logik IR100

In our office we have a Logik IR100 - it's a handy little Internet Radio, but it's a little... fiddly... to navigate, particularly when you just want to skip to a favourite station. The device has a My Streams menu, but it wasn't appearing on ours.

I spent ages looking for the My Stuff menu, but just couldn't find it (in case you're wondering where it is, this Logik IR100 info site has detailed info, with a photo of the screen). I'd already registered the receiver on reciva.com (following the blessedly simple instructions), and added a test stream to the My Streams facility on the web site, but it wasn't showing on the unit.

Having added (and saved) the custom stream on the Reciva portal, it turns out that if you've already downloaded a station list and not powered the unit off for a reasonable amount of time, it still caches the old data. To force the unit to redownload complete listings - including the new 'My Streams' entry/entries, the simplest way to do it is to turn the unit off on the front panel then power off the unit at the wall socket. Wait a few seconds, power it back up, then turn it back on. The next time it downloads the station listings, bam! there's 'My Stuff' in the root of the unit's main menu. Navigate into there, navigate into 'My Streams' and listen away. 🙂

Such an obvious thing once you realise how to do it (you'd think Logik would've put an option in the menu to force a manual download of the full station listings for scenarios such as this).

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