Tiplet: one-click Lock Screen for OS X

It must be in the name... Chris Cook devised an excellent little (Automator-based) scriptlet, self-contained as an .app Obviously (obviously, natch) if you hit Command-Option-Q for Quick User Switch - which is one HELL of a difficult keyboard combo if you can't get your thumb to do the double keypress - plus it will close all open apps and processes and physically end your login session.

Chris Cook's Lock Screen app works great - and still works with 10.5.8 on the MBP1,1 I use at work. Give it a try if you dislike leaving your Mac unlocked whilst you go do other srs bsns.

(I'm also aware that there's umpteen other ways to both lock a workstation and accomplish Fast User Switching without mousing to the option; look here (StackExchange), here (MacWorld) and here (MacWorld again) for starters.

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