Tiplet: better foobar2000 playback title formatting

Foobar2000 is such awesomesauce, I use it all day every day. However, I do prefer slightly better titling (particularly as I listen to a mix of Shoutcast & Icecast streams and local files).

Excellent stations like Radio Paradise now have metadata-enabled Ogg Vorbis streams but the way the metadata's encoded into the stream (everything in the title) doesn't work perfectly with fb2k's default playback title display. Here's a concoction I devised which shows it a little more neatly (all hail foobar's epic tagging and display engine!):


Window title
$iflonger(%album artist%,1,[%album artist% - ][%album%[ CD%discnumber% ][, Track %tracknumber%:] ]%title%[ '('%track artist%')'],%title%)

Status bar
%codec%[, %codec_profile%] | %bitrate% kbps | %samplerate% Hz | %channels% | %playback_time%[ / %length%] [| Track %tracknumber% | ][Disc %discnumber% of %totaldiscs%]

Notification area icon tooltip
$iflonger(%album artist%,1,[%artist% - ]%title%,%title%) 

Listen to the rather excellent Radio Paradise Vorbis stream using the rather excellent Foobar2000 player, I highly recommend it.

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