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Updating jwhois on CentOS to solve v6nic errors

I use fail2ban on some of my servers, along with the "jwhois" application (to automatically return whois info in the automated fail2ban emails I receive).

I noticed that was coming back in my emails as follows:

 [Unable to connect to remote host]
 missing whois program

This is because is defunct and has been taken over by a cybersquatter (discussion about this on the Red Hat Bugzilla). The whois server works adequately in its place.

The version of jwhois available from the epel repo for el6 (CentOS 6) is out of date:

jwhois.x86_64 4.0-19.el6 @base

rpmfind lists 4.0-43 for Fedora Core 24 as the latest version, but this isn't compatible (loads of dependency issues if you try and manually install).

So, let's fix it manually.

jwhois derives its list of whois servers from


(by default). Let's do a search/replace all with nano.

Assuming nano is installed (

sudo yum install nano -y

) do the following:

Ctrl \

Type in

and press Enter
Type in

and press Enter


to replace all found instances

Ctrl X

to exit, then


to save the changed file.

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